Laila Clairvoyant and high priestess

My Special offers on clairvoyant readings for 2017 are now available £12, £28 .

My name is Laila, I am a life long clairvoyant and high priestess and I have also continued to work with, teach and study tarot and its uses for the past 20 years in order to make my psychic readings more in-depth, answer questions and see the life path that is preferable for you.

It seems that the clairvoyant gift  has been passed down in my family, after travelling extensively I have now settled down on the south coast of England with my grown up children.  I work from home, offering email and postal clairvoyant and tarot readings to my clients having recently stopped doing personal visits to my home, a lot of my clients have now switched to email work as this seems to give the greatest access to answers most days of the week and for the longest possible hours each day, which is not practical when people are visiting my home.

This also means that things are kept much more confidential as no one will know you have taken my advice or seen you arriving to see me etc. This is ideal for some who privacy is an issue or for high profile cases that would otherwise cause problems for my client.

Being a clairvoyant, I always try to supply the best all round help during my psychic readings. If I feel I am not the person to read clairvoyantly for you  I will tell you straight away and refund any monies paid.

I have of course studied in many areas of the occult and spiritual world and this has helped me understand more of my client’s point of view, and help me when I am reading for them. If it is by email or by post.

All my services are 100% confidential, and I will never share your details or pass them on in any way.

I have clients worldwide for my clairvoyant readings and  been offering my professional services in these areas as well as some teaching and healing for many years.