Free Spells

Free Spells

Some free spells for you to try at home!


This is a nice simple little spell for drawing new love towards you.

You will need three lengths of cord, either red or pink.

Take hold of the three lengths of cord together and tie a knot at the very end to keep them secure. Start to plait them tightly together all the while thinking how nice it will be when you meet your new love. When you get to the end and all three strands are plaited all the way down you will need to tie another knot. At this point you will have a knot at either end. You now need to tie five more knots so there are seven in total. Once this is achieved use the braided cords as a bracelet and wear it as much as you can. Once you have met your true love you can burn the cord and scatter the ashes on the wind.


This spell is ideal to help put your ex out of your mind after a break up. It will help regardless of who decided the relationship should come to an end. Whilst it helps to remove the feelings of love and attachment to a partner it doesn't do this by replacing those with feelings of hate or negativity etc.

You will need

A photograph of your ex-lover

A red cloth or dark coloured handkerchief

A fireproof dish

A small potato


To start you will need to put the photograph in the fireproof dish and set fire to it. As it starts to burn say the following words

"I call upon the powers that be to take all my pain away from me, it will leave my heart and set me free. As my love burns to dust I move forward as I must. So mote it be"


Once you have said your words and whilst the picture is still burning you need to imagine all the pain that you have experienced from the relationship break up flowing away from you as the smoke rises and disappears.

Gather the ashes and place them on the cloth or handkerchief now taking the potato hold it to your heart and visualise any negative feelings that remain going into it. Touch your forehead very lightly with the potato and this will indicate that all the bad feelings have gone and good thoughts and feelings will be coming to replace them. Place this in your cloth with the ashes.

Tie the bundle up and next time you travel some distance from home, (within the next week ideally)  at least 5 miles you need to dig a small hole and bury it. Walk away without looking back.


This is a longer term spell to increase the flow of money in your life;

You will need

A small flower pot

Some potting compost

Seven current monetary coins (I would suggest a mixture of silver and bronze coins.)

Some basil seeds

Fill the flower pot with compost, sifting it and letting it flow through your fingers. As you do this imagine money coming into your purse and bank account, and how this will change things for you. Press the coins into the soil as deep as you can one at a time so they make a rough circle. Once you have done this plant the seeds in the soil according to the instructions on the packet. And then say the following words

"As these plants grow strong and healthy please make me happy and wealthy. And it harm none so mote it be"